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Forced Order
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Honey if you stay I'll be forgiven, nothing you can say can stop me going home
In a state of emergency, who was I trying to be?
And bury me in all my favorite colors
I thought of angels choking on their halos
We came to party, kill the party tonight
Alone at a table for two, and I just wanna be served
I just want to be better than your, your head's only medicine
A lonely speaker in a conversation
Ice has melted back to life
Take my picture now, shake it till you see it
Its better to burn than to fade away, its better to leave than to be replaced
And I saw God cry in the reflection of my enemies
Drain all the blood and give the kids a show
And I hoped for your name on the Ouija board
Knock once for the father, twice for the sun, three times for the Holy Ghost
Well they encourage your complete cooperation
Alter boys, alter boys, we're the things that love destroys
And if I'm old enough to die for your mistakes
A drink, for the horror that I'm in
Sparks against the railing, distance phantoms wailing
I'm not afraid of you
We will leave you high and dry
And though I missed the chance for this, I confess that I can't wait until its gone
I may never sleep tonight
You're pulling the trigger, pulling the trigger all wrong
Because they took our love and they filled it up
Oh don't you wonder when the lights begin to fade
This night is heated up, raise hell and turn it up
Mummified my teenage dreams
Oh well imagine, as I'm pacing the pews and I can't help but to hear
Its been nine bitter years since I've been seeing your face
I choose defeat, I walk away, and leave this place the same today
And its killing me inside
This story's going somewhere
She said at night in my dreams you dance on a tightrope of weird
I won't leave any doubt or stone unturned
I won't go down by myself, but I go down with my friends
Yeah you got to be what tomorrow needs
Back to street where we began
Gaze into her killing jar, I'd sometimes stare for hours
They've got us surrounded, we're in their sights
Drinking white wine in the blushing light
Go find another way, price you pay
Tell rock and roll I'm alone again
You were the last good thing about this part of town
Let's get these teen hearts beating faster, faster
3, 2, 1, we go live
I kept wishing she had blind ambitions and she let it go to my head
These words are knives and often leave scars
Everybody burn the house right down
Hand in mine, into your icy blues
Best friends, ex-friends to the end
And when the black banners raise, as the crooked smiles fade
And after all this blood that you still owe
Try not to mistake what you have with what you hate
At the end of the world, you're the last thing I see
I can move mountains I can work miracle
Because rebellion ain't a T-shirt you sell, you keep your money and I'll see you in Hell
Come save me from walking on the windowsill or I'll sleep in the rain
On my authority, crash and burn, young and loaded
And there's a drug in the thermostat to warm the room up
But you don't work here anymore
She said, she said, she said why don't you just drop dead?
I held you close as we both shook, for the last time take a good hard look
Have you ever wanted to disappear
You should've been, I could have been a better son
Hey young blood, doesn't it feel, like our time is running out
And I'd promise you anything for another shot at life
When we were young we used to say
Tell the truth and God will save you
What's life like bleeding on the floor, the floor, the floor?
When the lights go out
When I was, a young boy, my father, took me into the city to see a marching band
The kid was alright but it went to his head
Endless romantic stories, you never could control me
If I crash on the couch can I sleep in my clothes?
The tides out, sips run aground, we drown traitors in shallow water
You've earned your place atop the ICU hall of fame
I failed and lost this fight, never fade in the dark, just remember you will always burn as bright
And when it all goes to hell, will you be able to tell
Allow me to exaggerate a memory or two
A daydream spills from my corked head
And I want these words to make things right
I still think of the guns they sell
I am the sand in the bottom half of the hourglass
They say quitters never win, but we walk the plank on a sinking ship
But back away from the water, babe you might drown
Until your breathing stops forever, forever
Like a firing squad or the mess you made
I'll be as honest as you'll let me
Swear to shake it up if you swear to listen
But you'll never know until you're there
Lets meet in the purgatory of my hips and get well
These are eyes and the lives of the taken
Feel like an ambulance, chaser of faith
You don't know a thing about this life
Cause they're all face down and loaded that were shot with the lens
Wouldn't it be grand to take a pistol by the hand
Well let's go back to the middle of the day that starts it all
Move like the wolves, and keep the faith
I only appeared so I can fade away
Because the drugs never work, they're gonna give you a smirk
But if you change your mind you know where I am
I cry tears you'll never see, f*ck you, you can go cry me an ocean
I wanna see your animal side
Pick a fight at an airport bar
We can leave this world, leave it all behind
I don't love you I'm just passing the time
I don't know where going but do you have room for one more troubled soul
My mind is a safe, and if I keep it in we all get rich

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