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Forced Order
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LyricsSong Song
I got your picture I'm coming with you ________
I wanna be your lost boy, your last chance, your everything better plan. Oh ________
Manage me ________
Meet me on _______, I'll take you out though I'm hardly worth your time
Heart's on fire tonight ________
She's __________, I'm ready to go but she's so lost in stereo, lost in stereo
All I ever wanted was _______
I settle for long-distance calls I'm __________
Resistance is useless. Just two kids _________
Was it real? Or a love scene _________
Dedication takes a lifetime, but ________
Can't keep living with this feeling that I'm giving up __________
But there's this ringing in my head. As the ghost of you ___________
Scribbled in dark places ___________
Feels like I'm falling in love when ________
LyricsSong Song
We said forever but ________
Collected, you render me useless ________
We're going down this road, With _______
Take a breath, say goodbye To their precious little world
The traffic in this town is ___________
Cause you like it better, when _______
You must think that I'm crazy If ________
Looking up, _________
So show us what you've got cause ________
We talk sh*t like it's a cross to bear ________
To truly despise the hills in the carpet ___________
Paint the walls black and scream 'F*ck the world cause it's my life I'm _________
When will the princess figure it out she ain't worth saving? _________________
The curtain's rising, I'm forgetting where I've been. I watch the lights go up _________
Everybody knows there's a party at the end of the world. _______, ________, ________, _________, _________, _________, ________, ________,

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