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List the four stages of the Product Life Cycle
The introduction stage is characterised by...
Due to
What is the marketing objective at this stage
The growth stage is characterised by...
However, this stage also contains a
The objectives in the growth stage are
The maturity stage is when sales...
The objectives at this stage are
The decline stage happens because of a change in...
During the decline stage, what is the main marketing decision
Additionally, marketers could
How many key uses of the Product Life Cycle are there
Name one
Name another
Name one more
Name one limitation of the PLC
Give an example of a fad or classic
What is the PLC bad at predicting
The PLC is mainly good at analysing...
However, the Boston Matrix is useful for...
Name the four aspects of the Boston Matrix from most cash flow to least cash flow
The two axis of the Boston Matrix are
Give an example of useful portfolio planning
In the BCG analysis, market share holds a correlation with _________ cash flow
In the BCG analysis, market growth holds a correlation with _________ cash flow
Because of
What strategic objective should be used by stars
As well as
What strategic objective should be used by cash cows
As well as
What strategic objective should be used by problem children
As well as
And for dogs?
The BCG also helps companies to
However, the BCG has been criticised for
Importantly, the BCG has caused managers to have an
What matrix shows four product growth strategies based on market novelty
The four strategies are...
Market penetration strategies can be...
Product development strategies rely on
Market development strategies rely on..
Diversification strategies rely on
What is the MA-CP model
Name one factor use in market attractiveness rating
Name one factor used in competitive positioning rating
From left to right, what are the strategies used in the 5 zones
Name one positive of the MA-CP model
However one criticism is
What are the five types of product - name one
Name another
Give an example of a convenience product
Give an example of a sopping product
Give an example of an unsought product
Give an example of a speciality product
Give an example of an industrial product
What % of new products fail in the US
What other Ps are there in service marketing

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