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Can you name the GEB Economic Growth vs Sustainable Development?

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Complete the PwC quote from 2017 about the world economy
According to PwC, which group will overtake the G7
From 2016-2050, China's share of world GDP will
Meanwhile the USA's share will
Inequality has increased from 1980-2015 in how much of the world
Including countries such as...
If the world's population lived like Australians, we'd need how many Earths to be sustainable ecologically
In the USA
How many SDGs are there
Quote Raworth, 2017
Name one new measure and metric of economic development
Explain the Degrowth economic model of sustainability
What sector of the global economy uses the most resources
Despite taking up what % of the world's economy
What measure does Bhutan focus on to aid economic development
Meanwhile Costa Rica has adopted the
What is the future economic model labelled as
In this model, describe one major characteristic
Pilling, 2018 argues that:
He argues that one major failure is it's failure to point out
Neither does GDP point out the types of...
Additionally, not all countries
Who invented the measure of GDP
Effectively, he argues that GDP would be more important in the time of
O'Neill 2018 says how many countries are sustainable?
He says...
For all countries to provide good quality life to their citizens, they'd need resources at _____ times the sustainable level
By 2050, what may be the biggest economy in the world
With who second
What three policies are advised for long term economic growth
According to what source
What has happened to the world economy according to the World Bank
What does Wolf argue about the global economy
He argues that which element of Rodrik's trilemma is in trouble
But also says that Brexit is an act of
He argues that there has been no better argument against international integration than that of
The happiest country in the world is
McKenna argues this is due to what
He argues there is a correlation between equality and
Rye and Jackson argue there is a correlation between economic growth and
They are part of which organisation
They argue that which major challenge faces the world economy
However they also say there is no correlation between economic growth and
The CUSP also argue there is too much ________ within sustainability frameworks
Hervey argues that economic growth is good because of its impact upon...
He argues that how many people will cross the extreme poverty line daily?
Jackson (HuffPost) 2017 argues that the crucial factor in future sustainable prosperity is the improvement of reward...

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