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Can you name the missing words in these common phrases?

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PhraseMissing Word
An arm and a _____
Between a rock and a _____ _____
Making a mountain out of a _______
If you can't stand the heat, get out of ____ _____
Close but ___ ___
Back to square _____
Roll with the ______
Seeing eye to _____
What goes around ______ _______
Like father like _____
Curiosity killed ____ ____
On cloud _____
You can't judge a book by its _____
PhraseMissing Word
You can't teach an old dog _____ ______
Back to the drawing _____
Put a sock ____ _____
Money doesn't grow ____ ____
Quick on the _____
Throw in the ______
A needle in a ______
What goes up must ______ ______
Read 'em and ____
Beating around _____ _____
One size fits ____
A shot in the _____
Everything but the kitchen ____

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