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Muhammad's Father-in-LawA
Central city of the Abbasid CaliphateB
Title for the political head of the Muslim communityC
Sufi devotional practice involving rhythmic repetitionD
Formerly Abyssinia, this modern day state is where some of Muhammed's early followers fled to in the first hegiraE
Cairo-centric caliphate from 909-1171F
Famous Sufi mystic & theologian, took on title of Mujadidd: Al-_______G
Literalist madhhabH
Shi'i branch formed in the 8th centuryI
The 6th Shi'i ImamJ
Famous14th century Muslim scholar, considered father of the social sciencesK
Modern state where the Eyalet of Tripolitania was locatedL
Slaves turned soldiers, or their powerful dynasty formed in the 13th centuryM
Known as the architect of the Seljuq state, this powerful Persian whose title means 'order of the realm' served under Alp Arslan and Malik Shah IN
2nd Caliph, also known as al-FarooqO
Language of 13th century poet RumiP
Type of wandering ascetic Sufi dervishQ
Muslim month of fastingR
Sultan & founder of the Ayyubid dynasty, famous for fighting in the crusadesS
14th century Mongol conqueror from inner AsiaT
Early major caliphate, centered in DamascusU
Title for a powerful political advisor V
Voluntary religious monetary endowment, used to build many of the early madrasahsW
Medina's name before MuhammadY
Radical Shi'i sect similar to Mu'talizitesZ

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