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Forced Order
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Sometimes your lack of sympathy gets hard to explain / So on your mask of makeup you just paint a little parody of pain
You're gonna dazzle the future with your inner light
When a neighbour I met in her hallway said 'Looks like loverboy's too late again'
I have lived it up so long, I'll never live it down
On the half-finished buildings, only seagulls remain
Where his fists put bruises a scheming smile now takes their place
I've heard those holy brethren muttering my name, but it ain't no sin to drink when you're suffering
And there are moments when the heavens open wide, when you can hold your dreams and see your future bright
Like smoke from factories, we leave our heat behind / Like wound-down batteries, hearts stop sometimes
Caught in the headlights, wide-eyed and ready to receive
Love's got a knack of disappearing, leaving you the lonely one
Feeling less and less is just an easy way of doing more wrong
She says, 'I'll get back to you, but now I've got appointments to keep'
Every precious second there's a chance to change
With all the money freaks and doublespeak you turn away
Give me that gold and I'll melt it down / Give me the tears that I took from your eye
Do you still misbehave, then beg for his reprieve?
The Martians could land in the carpark and no one would care
A struck match faded like a nervous laugh beyond the halo of a naked bulb
So everything is settled, or so we do pretend / From a beautiful beginning, babe, to a muted kind of end
Creation's gone crazy, the TV's gone mad / Now you're the only sane thing that I have
Where we while away the happy Saturdays between the television and the telephone
But if I have a dream at all for once you won't be on that stupid plane
From this high terrain, I am ready now to fall
From tripping on a shoelace to falling in love, you keep things under control
My sweet Lord ain't as sweet as bourbon tastes to me
Everybody thought we were headed for the rocks, but I guess that I got lost
Not a shotgun blast nor a shooting star will bring her down from her stubborn tower
The steps of this old church are peppered with confetti hearts, like a million little love affairs waiting to fall apart

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