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Forced Order
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All of us, in our time, are visited by the Jeff Murdoch
It just lies there. It's fat litter. It's a sofaSteve Taylor
I used to write the word 'naked' on a bit of paper hundreds of times andJeff Murdoch
Throughout the ages to come, men and women shall grab hold of these, andJeff Murdoch
Friendship's more lasting than love, and more legal thanJane Christie
You see women as transport forSteve Taylor to Jeff Murdoch
I insulted her friend's breasts, and she thinks I collectJeff Murdoch
Every time she passes me in a corridor, I walk sideways into the wall. She thinks I'm aJeff Murdoch
Right after your shoes and before your trousers: that's theJeff Murdoch
But I want you to remember, I intend this breastSusan Walker
Having a girlfriend is like legalizedJeff Murdoch
There is a gap between seeing someone you like and having sex with them that we like to callSteve Taylor to Patrick Maitland
She's somewhere between completely imaginary and aJeff Murdoch to Wilma Lettings
You think that if you kiss a woman, you mother willSteve Taylor to Jeff Murdoch
Sometimes when she's laying there and she's just so, so totally naked, I can't control myself. I just sort ofJeff Murdoch
I've got the keys to paradise, but I've gotJeff Murdoch
I don't talk to women when they're emotional. They're allowed toJeff Murdoch
Sex is like cuddling, onlyJeff Murdoch
The human race's two most favorite things meet at last, inJeff Murdoch
Lesbians are porn-Jeff Murdoch
I never use my tongue on people. It's just forJeff Murdoch
I like films with lesbians in them because it’s nice to think there are attractive women out there who can’tPatrick Maitland
When man invented fire, he didn’t say, 'Hey, let's cook,' he said, 'great, now we can seeSteve Taylor
We are men. We are different. We have only one word for soap. We do not ownSteve Taylor
I only ever smile at single men so I can justify the loss ofSally Harper
It’s not genetically possible for men to have opinions aboutSteve Taylor
my mother only communicates in levels ofJeff Murdoch
A bald, noisy thing is going to crawl out of my genitals, ruin my life, and my mother is going toSally Harper
I am grappling with mankind's most ancient dilemma: She likes me, butJeff Murdoch

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