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I startyou finishAlbum (words)
in the silence you stare at the worldWho We Are (7)
to make sure yesterday doesn't repeat I took a shortcut home, a left on the streetWho We Are (7)
standing on top of the world tonightLifehouse (6)
in between this am I gonna find a wayStanley Climbfall (6)
honesty is a hard attribute to find when we all want to seem likeNo Name Face (6)
scream out loud as you start to crawl back in your cage the only placeNo Name Face (6)
hello from the world belowStanley Climbfall (11)
you live to run away but fear is the hardest act to follow, let me let you inSmoke & Mirrors (11)
take me now, the world's such a crazy place when the walls come downAlmería (6)
I'm floating in my mind, as the world gets colderSmoke & Mirrors (10)
what happens when all your dreams are lying on the groundLifehouse (8)
hold my hand while I'm sinking in the sandStanley Climbfall (9)
so when will this end it goes on and on, over and over and over againNo Name Face (9)
wrap my arms around your name, feel your breath against my painWho We Are (8)
gravity pulls and we fall from the clouds, we prove to each otherSmoke & Mirrors (5)
I startyou finishAlbum (words)
everybody knows your name but they don't know who you areStanley Climbfall (12)
I'm finding my way back to sanity again, though I don't really know what I'm going to do when I get thereNo Name Face (12)
what a letdown letting myself be, somebody who can't even recognize meSmoke & Mirrors (8)
chasing fireflies, elusive dreams, this pre-life crisis is killing meWho We Are (7)
it's all the same after a while, I know, that you are tired, carrying the ones you lostLifehouse (7)
I'm falling even more in love with youNo Name Face (8)
tell me all the dreams that you have let slip right through your handsLifehouse (9)
gotta break out of this place we're in, runnin' out of time and out of sinSmoke & Mirrors (7)
live my life around a picture taken when we metWho We Are (8)
I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathingWho We Are (7)
now you fly away and you don't look down nowDiff's Lucky Day (9)
she finds her comfort inside bedtime stories and fairy talesLifehouse (11)
last night I saw you standing in the moonlight and you took my handSingle (6)
'cause there's a crack in his plastic crown and his throne of ice is meltingDiff's Lucky Day (8)
a heart that’s been buried in the ground can break if it’s never foundSingle (8)

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