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Can you name the four letter words to complete the American Civil War themed ladder?

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HintFour Letter Word
____ Sumter, the first battle
Herb named after St. John
Witch's skin blemish
Poet and Civil War nurse Whitman
Confederate general Stone___ Jackson
Formal dance
1st ___ Run, 1861 Virginia battle
Tug-of-war command
Straw vote
Vaulter's tool
Tree trunk
Run away
Tighten this in lean times
Out of shape
Weak baseball hit
Sculpted head
Cream of the crop
1863 breakaway state ___ Virginia
Top floor 'house'
Animal hide
HintFour Letter Word
Type of college grant
Pharmacy unit
Confederate general A.P. or 1863 battle Champion ___
Boat's bottom
Angry Bruce Banner
Major portion
Irish orator and statesman Edmund
1863 battles Gettys__ and Vicks__
Keg stopper
Loud explosion
Mild interjection
Resident of Denmark
Lady's title
'___ the torpedoes, full speed ahead!'
Opposite of dusk
Pillow stuffing
Like a freshly cut lawn
Kunstler, modern Civil War painter
Retail store
Appo__ox, last battle of the Civil War

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