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Can you name the four letter words to complete the word ladder based on an internet series about college life?

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HintFour Letter Word
First word of the internet series' name [With last rung]
OR A college residence
Nerd relative
Gloomy, lacking light or dismal
Pull someone's pants down, in Australia
Actor DeSena, who portrayed Shane
OR To lift a car up for tire changing
High school athlete
Tick's partner
Austrian composer Ernst
Comedian Daniel who hosts a show about viral videos
[Rung 15]'s roommate; a theater major
OR Actor Brolin of 'W'
Cuervo or Canseco, e.g.
Usually ends with a punchline
University of Michigan football coach Brady
What you do on the Appalachian Trail
[Rung 10]'s roommate; the main character
OR Shrek voice Myers
5,280 feet
Abundant or plentiful
Last word of the internet series' name [With first rung]
OR Death's opposite

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