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LyricLyric# of Words
I got my toes in the water4
not a worry in the world6
life is good today4
Well the plane touched down4
and the city's4
bikinis and2
danced in my head7
Concrete and cars are their3
like this life3
but the plane brought me farther4
and I'm not3
I got my4
ass in the sand6
a cold beer in my hand8
Adios and3
yeah I'm2
and if it weren't for4
I'd have no3
Adios and 3
yeah I'm 2
gonna lay in the hot sun and5
and grab my3
Four days flew by like4
as the summer4
they can't believe that4
and I5
because my bartender4
her body's been4
LyricLyric# of Words
and coconut replaces5
and I don't know if it's4
I got my toes in2
ass in 2
not a worry3
a cold beer3
life is good today4
Adios and3
a long way2
yes and all the muchachas5
when I throw3
Adios and3
a long way2
someone do me2
and pour me some jaegar and I'll5
Adios and3
going home now2
the senoritas don't care-o4
I got no3
Adios and 3
going home3
I'm just gonna prop up by2
and put my ass4
toes in2
not a worry3
a PBR3
life is good today4

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