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QUIZ: Can you name the lyrics to Kenny Rogers' 'The Gambler'?

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Forced Order
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LyricLyric# of Words
On a 3
on a train3
I met up with2
we were both4
so we took2
out the window3
'til boredom overtook us and4
He said5
out of3
and knowing4
by the way4
so if you4
I can see4
for a4
I'll give3
So I4
and he5
then he3
and asked me3
and the night3
and his face3
said if your'e gonna play the game boy7
You got to know when to hold them5
know when to walk away5
LyricLyric# of Words
you never count your money6
there'll be time enough for counting4
Every gambler knows that4
is knowing what to throw away5
cause every3
and every3
and the best5
is to4
and when he'd2
he turned back3
crushed out2
and faded3
and somewhere3
the gambler3
but in his final words I found6
You got to5
know when3
know when3
and know3
you never count2
when your'e4
there'll be4
when the2

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