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Can you name the lyrics to John Denver's 'Rocky Mountain High'?

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LyricLyric# of Words
He was born3
of his twenty2
coming home to a place he'd3
He left3
you might say4
you might say he6
When he first4
his life was2
on the road and4
but the string's2
and he doesn't2
it keeps changing fast and5
But the Colorado3
I've seen it5
the shadow from the starlight is4
He climbed cathedral mountains5
he saw everything6
and they say5
and he tried to3
and he lost2
but kept2
Now he walks in quiet solitude5
LyricLyric# of Words
seeking grace in4
his sight has3
to try and understand2
of a clear3
And the 4
I've seen it5
you can talk to God and5
Now his life is3
but his heart still3
of a simple thing3
why they try to4
to bring in3
more people5
And the Colorado3
I've seen6
I know he'd be3
if he never4
I've seen it5
Friends around the campfire3

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