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Can you name the trivia for the webshow 'Dorm Life'?

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What is the name of Josh's documentary from the second semester?
Where do Daniel, Josh, Mike, Gopher, and Shane go for Spring Break?
What is the first event held by Stephanie in first semester?
Name one of the presidents Shane dresses up as to campaign for Floor President
Who won the game of Markers?
What is the frat that Mike almost joined and where a large fight broke out?
Who won the talent show?
What is the saying on Shane's only shirt?
What is the body spray that Gopher and Shane promote?
Name one of the three things that can get someone out of the friend zone
Who hires two people to act as his parents for 'Parents Weekend' (though it is his actual father)?
What is the item presented by Daniel, Gopher and Shane to the tour of prospective students?
What do Courtney and Brittney dress up as for Halloween?
How did Stephanie's hamster die?
What is Mike's younger brother allergic to and is used in a prank against him?
Who is the homeless person that Josh hires to take his place at the end of 2nd semester?
How is Shane in college?
What is the answer to the last Quiz Bowl question (which Daniel answers even though it's sports)?
What position does Marshall create to make Stephanie happy after she loses the presidential election?
Who does Daniel drunk dial the first time he gets drunk?
What does Stephanie dress up as for the basketball camp out?
Where does The Smell come from?
What does Mike use to mess with Marshall at Halloween?
What is used in a recon mission to find Mystery Hot Girl?
What is Courtney's suggestion for the floor t-shirt, that Josh later uses?

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