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Can you name the lyrics to Cage the Elephant's 'Ain't No Rest for the Wicked'?

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Forced Order
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LyricRest of Lyric# of Words
I was walking3
when out the4
I saw a5
she said5
who looks so all alone6
if you can pay3
your evening 3
or you can go and5
I said6
why you doing this2
she looked at me and5
There ain't no4
money don't3
I got3
I got3
there ain't nothing5
I know4
I can't2
though you know4
Oh no, there ain't5
until we5
Not even3
I'm still walking3
when I saw the8
and then he4
he put a5
he made it clear6
he said5
I want your4
but if you try to make a move4
LyricRest of Lyric# of Words
I told him5
but first you know I gotta ask10
He said7
I got bills to pay5
there ain't nothing in4
I know I can't slow down4
though you5
Oh no, there6
until we close our3
Now a3
and I was4
the day was7
and so I turned on the TV and6
and what I saw4
I saw a4
he'd taken4
he stuffed his6
but even still4
because I know4
oh yes, we all seek out4
You know there ain't5
money don't3
we got3
we got3
there ain't6
I know we3
we can't 2
though you know4
oh no, there ain't no rest for the wicked7

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