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Forced Order
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U.S. risked war with Britain to enforce the Monroe Doctrine when a conflict arose between Venezuela and British Guiana
Hawaiian queen, opposed the annexation of Hawaii into the US
secretly orchestrated our move into the Philippines under president McKinley to secure trade with China, imperialist, visions of grandeur
agreement that Europe wouldn't be involved in any foreign affairs regarding countries in Latin America/the western hemisphere
battle fought by Roosevelt and the rough riders that helped make roosevelt an overnight war hero
U.S. navy ship that mysteriously exploded and was blamed on Spanish
reginment formed by Roosevelt after he resigned from his navy post, was made up of ivy-league polo players and cowboys he knew
(1989) Spain ceded the Philippines to the United States along with its former colonies, Puerto Rico and Guam in exchange for an indemnity of 20 million dollars from the U.S.
addition of Hawaii into the U.S.
commander of the U.S. navy squadron that destroyed a Spanish fleet in Manila Bay
owner of The New York Journal newspaper
open trade between nations *John Hay
the forming of an empire by establishing colonies
Secretary of State under McKinley, cautious approach to the besieged Christian, Chinese Americans and missionaries in Beijing
owner of The World newspaper
belief that the U.S. had God's right to expand from coast to coast through the western hemisphere
began as an effort to help Cubans gain independence but ended in dirty guerilla war against Filipino nationalists
anti-foreign and anti-missionary society terrorized Chinese Christians and missionaries, eventually besieging the group of people in Beijing
inducted in the Cuban constitution which allows U.S. to intervene to protect Cubans independence and the power to oversee Cuba's debt
leader of Filipino revolutionaries
Spanish general, forced Cubans into concentration camps during their fight for independence in 1815
Pacific islands
the policy of territorial or economic growth and expansion

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