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Can you name the answers about the first season of Greek?

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Hint Answer
Character that begins with 'C' (not Casey or Cappie)
College the characters attend
State the college is located in
Favorite bar on campus
Rusty's nickname
Evan's last name
Rusty hits Evan with this
Rusty studies ______ science
Dale hangs this in his dorm room
Color of Casey's car
Rusty makes this rain beer
Ashleigh and Casey introduce themselves to each other here
Rebecca gets in trouble with the school during this pledge activity
An ouija board starts to spell this past sorority member's name
Kappa Tau loses a floor hockey game because Rusty forgets this
Nickname Kappa Tau gives Evan during rush
Gift Ashleigh leaves for Calvin at his frat house
Name of Rusty's first girlfriend
Hint Answer
ZBZ and Kappa Tau host a party based off of this book
ZBZ's fundraiser at the Greek Carnival
ZBZ president before Casey
Organization Dale founds
Dale stocks his dorm fridge with excess ______
Rebecca's father is a
Name of Ashleigh's long distance boyfriend
Name of Dale's band
Theme for one of the ZBZ/ Kappa Tau mixers
And old camp friend of Cappie's shows up during a storm and says her name is _____
Rusty and Dale go on a double date with _____
Name of Cappie's big brother
Dale and Rusty live in this dorm
'Sport' Rusty excels at
State Casey and Rusty are from
Rusty introduces Beaver to his parents as ______
Where everyone heads to for Spring Break

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