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Can you name the information about the University of Illinois ?

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Hint Answer
School colors
Athletic Nickname
Mascot that used to perform at sporting events
Year the university was established
Two cities the university is located in
Name of the arena used for NCAA basketball, concerts and other events
Name of the auditorium on the Quad used for class, speakers and concerts
Name of the center for performing arts
Campus newspaper
Student yearbook
Name for group of dorms on campus
Hint Answer
Street known for night life and restaurants
Has one of the largest university ______ in the world
Is the number one ________ friendly campus in the nation
Undergraduate honors program: ______ Scholars
Student identification card
Engineering library open 24 hours
Hall named after a U.S. president
Workout facility
Any of the three major bookstores
Best pizza on campus: Papa ______
Bar located on #13
Restaurant on #13 that closed after a fire in 2011
Has the largest _______ system in the world

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