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Can you name the lois and clarks relationship stuff?

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can you name which person clark is dress
what season does clark first tell lois that he is the blur?
do lois and clark kiss in rabid ?
who is not keen on lois and clark being togther at first ?
who is clark dressed up as in the episode where lois and clark first kiss ?
what did clark say in season 10 which made lois say that was the perfect thing to say
which justice league charecter did lois date first
what make up equitment made lois fall for clark in season 6
who first thought lois and clark would be good as a couple
what is the name of the episode where lois first admits she loves clark
what is the name of the so called superhero lois makes up

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Created Mar 20, 2011ReportNominate
Tags:clark, dress, loi, person, relationship, stuff

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