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What is dung and urine of animals used as a form of organic fertilizer
What is growing and harvesting of fish and shellfish for human use in freshwater ponds, irrigation ditches, and lakes, or in cages or fenced-in areas of coastal lagoons and estuari
What is faulty nutrition, caused by a diet that does not supply an individual with enough protein, essential fats, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients needed for good health
What is condition suffered by people who cannot grow or buy enough food to meet their basic energy needs.
What is partially decomposed organic plant and animal matter used as a soil conditioner or fertilizer
What is conversion of rangeland, rain-fed cropland, or irrigated cropland to desert like land, with a drop in agricultural productivity of 10% or more. It usually is caused by a co
What is widespread malnutrition and starvation in a particular area because of a shortage of food, usually caused by drought, war, flood, earthquake, or other catastrophic events t
What is concentration of particular aquatic species suitable for commercial harvesting in a given ocean area or inland body of water
What is condition under which people live with chronic hunger and malnutrition that threatens their ability to lead healthy and productive lives
What is condition under which every person in a given area has daily access to enough nutritious food to have an active and health life
What is freshly cut or still-growing green vegetation that is plowed into the soil in increase the organic matter and humus available to support crop growth
What is popular term for the introduction of scientifically bred or selected varieties of grain that, with adequate inputs of fertilizer and water, can greatly increase crop yields
What is form of agriculture in which farmers grow plants by exposing their roots to a nutrient-rich water solution instead soil
What is production of large quantities of crops and livestock for domestic and foreign sale
What is combined use of biological, chemical, and cultivation methods in proper sequence and timing to keep the size of a pest population below the level that causes economically u
What is supplying dry land with water by means of ditches
What is commercially prepared mixture of inorganic plant nutrients such as nitrates, phosphates, and potassium applied to the soil to restore fertility and increase crop yields
What is organic material such as animal manure, green manure, and compost applied to cropland as a source of plant nutrients
What is any chemical designed to kill or inhibit the growth of an organism that people consider undesirable
What is unwanted organism that directly or indirectly interferes with human activities
What is growing specialized crops such as bananas, coffee, and cacao in tropical developing countries, primarily for sale to developed countries
What is complex form of intercropping in which a large number of different plants maturing at different times are planted together
What is accumulation of salts in soil that can eventually make the soil unable to support plant growth
What is cutting down trees and other vegetation in a patch of forest, leaving the cut vegetation on the ground to dry, and then burning it
What is methods used to reduce soil erosion, prevent depletion of soil nutrients, and restore nutrients previously lost by erosion, leaching, and excessive crop harvesting
What is movement of soil components, especially topsoil, from one place to another, usually by wind, flowing water, or both
What is production of enough food for a farm family’s survival and a surplus that can be sold
What is production of enough crops or livestock for a farm family’s survival
What is saturation of soil with irrigation water of excessive precipitation so that the water table rises close to the surface

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