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Can you name the countries and common bonds that lead you to a final three letter code?

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Flag 1
Land of the Tango 
National Holiday July 14 
Borders Croatia and Bulgaria 
What are the common flag colors? 
Borders 1
World's most 'unknown' country 
Uses the Hryvnia as currency 
Former Ottoman Empire 
What is the common bordering country? 
Facts 1
Home country of World's richest self-made female billionaire 
World's highest skin cancer rate 
Holds World's most populated island 
What is the common driving side? 
Flag 2
World Record longest government formation 
World's highest highway car speed average 
Capital is Nassau 
What are the common flag colors? 
Borders 2
Country in war from 1955-1975 
Quadruple field hockey World Champion 
Producer of the Tata Nano, World's cheapest car 
What is the common bordering country? 
Facts 2
World's most 'liberal' country 
Football World Cup 2022 organizer 
World's most densily populated country 
What is the common form of government? 
Flag 3
Holds cities like Amadora, Setubal, Queluz and Almada 
Finish country of classic Dakar Rally 
Holding city of one of World's most praised one word movies 
What are the common flag colors? 
Borders 3
Operation 'Enduring Freedom' war country 
Internet code .tm 
Sporcle's classic typing challenge 
What is the common bordering country? 
Facts 3
Only country to end with the 17th letter of the alphabet 
Third largest Mediterranean island 
Winner of the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest 
What is the common capital city letter length? 
Country by Flag
Country's flag that has all above 6 colors? 
Country by Borders
Country that borders all above 3 countries? 
Country by Facts
Country that applies to all above facts? 
Final Bond
Common three letters in above 3 countries? 

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