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Can you name the words to Marc Antony's Funeral Oration from Julius Caesar?

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Forced Order
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Preceding WordsWordsNumber of Words
Friends, Romans1
Lend me your1
I come to2
Not to2
The evil that men do3
The good is oft4
So let it be with1
The noble Brutus hath told you3
If it were so,5
And grievously hath3
Here, under leave of Brutus3
For Brutus is an2
So are they all,3
Come I to speak3
He was my1
Faithful and3
But Brutus says he was 1
And Brutus4
He hath brought many captives3
Whose ransom did the3
Preceding WordsWordsNumber of Words
Did this in Caesar2
When that the poor have cried,3
Ambition should be4
Yet Brutus says he was ambitious,6
You all did see that3
I thrice presented him a 2
Which he did thrice1
Was this1
Yet Brutus says he was ambitious6
I speak not to4
But here I am to speak4
You all did love him once3
What cause withholds you, then, 4
Thou art fled to2
And men have lost2
Bear with1
My heart is6
And I must1
Till it come back2

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