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Name A Footballer who in the 00s...Player
..was top scorer in La Liga and did not play for Barcelona or Real Madrid
..was named in the PFA Team of the Year while playing for a club finishing in the bottom half
..played for Sunderland and has scored 100 Premier League goals or more
..scored against France in the 2006 World Cup
..scored in two or more FA Cup finals
..played for Liverpool and is German
..won the Champions League with two different clubs
..played in the Serie A and is Norwegian
..was sent off in Portugal's infamous 1-0 win against Netherlands in 2006 World Cup
..scored a Premier League goal as a goalkeeper
..scored a hattrick in the European Championships
..made his debut for Brazil and got the same amount of or more caps than Pelé
..was included in one of the World Cup All-Star Teams and is English
..was top scorer in the Bundesliga while playing for a title winning side
..represented a non-European team in the 2002 World Cup while playing for Manchester United

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