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Can you name the answers to these football questions where the answers begin with 'H'?

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Who was the first player to win the PFA Players' Player of the Year award twice, in 1989 and 1991?
And who became the first player to win the same award back-to-back in 2003 and 2004?
At which stadium did the tragedy which led to the death of 39 supporters in 1985 happen?
Who was the President of FIFA before Sepp Blatter?
What is the goal pictured to the right often called?
Who plays Maccabi Tel Aviv in the Tel Aviv derby?
Which England manager included a faith healer in the coaching staff for the 1998 World Cup?
What term is used to descibe the activity of groups, often called football firms, which often attack and fight supporters of other teams?
Which West Ham player scored a hattrick in the 1966 World Cup Final?
Which Icelander is the most capped outfield player in the Premier League from a Nordic country?
Who is the footballer pictured above?
Which club's logo is found in the picture above?
What is the only club to have played every season in the German Bundesliga since the competition was formed in 1963?
Which club plays Hibernian in the Edinburgh derby?
Which German Bundesliga club is famously from a town with a population of approx. 3200?
What is the nickname of West Ham United FC?
What is the last name of Barcelona legend Xavi?
Whose name is removed from the list above?
Which manager led South Korea to a suprising 4th place finish in the 2002 World Cup?
Which Northern Irish footballer scored a remarkable record of 13 goals in the qualification for the 2008 European Championship?

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