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Can you name the answers to these football questions where the answers begin with 'F'?

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Which legendary manager led Aberdeen FC to victory in the Cup Winner's Cup in 1983?
Who scored a record 13 goals in a single World Cup in 1958?
Which club's logo is pictured above?
Which stadium replaced RĂ¥sunda as the Swedish national football stadium, named after an anti-bullying organization?
What is the world's oldest football competition, first contested i 1872?
Which football magazine created the Ballon d'Or award?
Which Budapest club is the most successful club in Hungary?
Who is the footballer found in the picture to the left?
Which player had a pig's head thrown at him following a controversial transfer between two rival clubs?
Who became the world's most expensive defender both in 2000 and 2002?
Which footballer was the first British sportsman to be openly gay?
Which Rio de Janeiro based club, one of the most successful in Brazil, is the most popular club in the country ?
Which Cameroon international tragically died on the pitch in a Confederations Cup game in 2003?
Which club plays their rivals Ajax in the biggest game in the Netherlands?
Which club's jersey is Raul Meireles wearing in the picture to the right?
Which variant of football is mostly played indoors on a hard court surface with five players on each team?
In recent times, what name is used for the tactical role of e.g. Messi and Totti, where they often drop deep from their position as lone forwards?
Whose name is removed in the picture above?
Which South American player won the Golden Ball at the 2010 World Cup?
Which player scored the fastest Premier League hattrick ever (4m 33s) in 1995?

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