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Can you name the answers to these football questions where the answers begin with 'E'?

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Following a change of format, what did the UEFA Cup change its name to in 2009?
In which city do you find the stadium pictured above?
What is the name of the Dutch top division?
And what is the name of the top division in Poland?
At which club is former goalkeeper Neville Southall the most capped player of all time with a total of 750 caps?
In which city is the football club Hibernian FC based?
What is the nickname of Crystal Palace FC?
What is the first name of Pelé's real name?
Which club's logo do you find pictured above?
Who was nicknamed 'The Black Panther' and has been called Africa's first great footballer, despite playing for a European national team?
Who scored an infamous own goal in the 1994 World Cup, which led to him being murdered in the aftermath of the tournament?
What name is given to any match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, widely considered to be the biggest club match in the world?
Which club's jersey is pictured above?
Which footballer, widely regarded as the most talented of the 'Busby Babes', died from his injuries 15 days after the Munich air disaster in 1958?
At which Argentinian club did both Martín Palermo and Juan Sebastián Verón begin their careers?
Who is the footballer pictured above?
Which Swede scored a goal which in 2011 was voted the greatest ever in the Premier League in a poll by The Guardian?
Which referee gave the most famous red card in World Cup history when he sent off Zinedine Zidane in the 2006 final?
Which country lost 10-1 to Hungary in the 1982 World Cup, the biggest defeat in the history of the competition?
Who is the most decorated African player in history, having won the African Player of the Year award four times?

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