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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to these football questions where the answers begin with 'D'?

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Who was nicknamed 'The Pitbull' by Louis van Gaal, and was famous for using protective goggles on the pitch?
Which Sheffield United striker scored the first ever Premier League goal?
Which club has enjoyed near total domestic domination in Croatia since the dissolvement of Yugoslavia?
What is the German name given to any match between Bayern M√ľnchen and Borussia Dortmund?
Who is the referee pictured above?
What is the stadium of Dutch club Feyenoord commonly knows as?
Which club's logo is found in the pictures above?
Who became the world's most expensive player when he was transferred to Real Betis in 1998?
Which self-proclaimed fascist had a successful career as a player in Britain, and a far less successful career in management?
Which rule, also known as the 'Beckham rule', allows MLS franchises to sign players that would be considered outside of the team's salary cap?
At which club did Andriy Shevchenko begin and end his footballing career?
Who is the only manager to have won the UEFA Champions League, the European Championship and the World Cup?
Which club has the highest average attendance of any football club in the world?
What was the name of the stadium, widely criticised due to the large distance between the pitch and the stands, which was the home of Juventus and Torino until 2006?
Who is the footballer pictured above?
What is the only Northern Irish club to play in the League of Ireland?
Which Real Madrid legend, arguably the most integral part of the side that dominated Europe in the 1950s, played for three different national teams in his career?
Which club play their home games at Pride Park?
Whose name is removed in the picture above?
Which twin duo is one of the most decorated set of brothers in football history, and racked up an accumulated total of 179 caps for the Dutch National Team?

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