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Can you name the answers to these football questions where the answers begin with 'B'?

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What controversial character is found in the picture to the right?
What player was given the nickname 'Il Divin' Codino', meaning 'The Divine Ponytail'?
What is the name of club which play FC Copenhagen in the derby called the 'New Firm'?
In what city was the 1954 World Cup Final played?
What is Sunderland AFC's official nickname?
Who is the footballer pictured above?
Which player's name is given to the ruling that allows players to leave for free when their contracts expire?
What is the name of the award given annually to the best footballer in the world?
What player got in a fight with his then team-mate, Kieron Dyer, during a Newcastle game in 2005?
What Dublin based club is the oldest Irish league club in continuous existence?
Which football league has the highest average stadium attendance worldwide?
Outside which English stadium do you find the statue pictured above?
Who became the world's most expensive goalkeeper when he was transferred for approx. £30m in 2001?
Which club was the first to break Real Madrid's dominance in the early years of the European Cup?
Who was the first player to win the Premier League with two different clubs?
Only surpassed by Sir Alex Ferguson, who is the second longest reigning manager of Manchester United FC?
Who scored two goals, including a 95th minute golden goal, in the 1996 European Championship final?
Which football club's logo is pictured above?
Who is the owner and president of AC Milan?
In what country do the two most successful clubs, the capital based Levski and CSKA, play each other in the 'Eternal Derby'?

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