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Can you name the answers to these football questions where the answers begin with 'A'?

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What is the official name of football, used to contrast it from rugby football?
Which club plays Birmingham City in the 'Second City Derby'?
Which English player detailed his battle with alcohol in his autobiography 'Addicted'?
Which Egyptian club is the world's most successful football club in terms of official trophies won?
Which football organization's logo is pictured above?
What stadium, one of the biggest in Europe, has a capacity of more than 71,000 and is the home of two German rival clubs?
Which club's logo is pictured above?
Which country's national team, nicknamed 'The Sable Antilopes', qualified for their first World Cup in 2006?
What is the African equivalent of the 'European Championship'?
Which club's unofficial motto translates to: “With home-grown players and supporters, there is no need for imports”?
Which nomadic Frenchman is the second most expensive player in history based on accumluative transfer fees?
Can you name the football stadium pictured above?
What is the nickname of the Italian National Team?
Which manager led Spain to their second victory in the European Championship in 2008?
Which player has captained the Argentine national team a record of 63 times?
What is the latin motto of Tottenham Hotspur FC, which means 'To Dare is To Do'?
What is the middle name of the legendary footballer Diego Maradona?
Who is the footballer pictured above?
What capital based club is the most successful club in Cypriot football?
Which club pioneered a football philosophy in which any outfield player can take over the role of any other player in a team?

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