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English DescriptionSpanish word
Disney Channel Original Movie: 'Stuck in the ______'
In the movie 'Confessions of a Shopaholic', the main character ______
'____, look and listen baby, that's my philosophy' (verb)
Back _____ Boys
In Pretty Little Liars, Hannah steals accessories by _______
_____ transports people to the hospital in Grey's Anatomy
The _____ is greener on the other side
Lindsay Lohan has been ______ many times (verb)
London Tipton only buys _____ things
Popular fast food chain that makes sandwiches
English DescriptionSpanish word
In the Lizzie McGuire Movie they _____ in Rome (verb)
Reducing, reusing, ______
The set of The Tower of Terror
_____ Racer (verb)
Oscar the Grouch lives in here
'Friday' by Rebecca Black is a ______ song
______ 100
The title of Demi Lovato's hit song...
The city that Gossip Girl takes place in is the most ______ city in the US
The 80's rock band that sings 'Roxanne' and 'Every breath you take'

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