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Total osteopathic lesion includes mind body andParsons 2006
According to A.T Still when complete the body is aParsons 2006
According to Little john; the fundamental principle of osteopathyParsons 2006
Structure is reciprocally inter-related toDiGiovanna 1997a
Golgi tendon reflex, reciprocal innervation and elastic stretch are all concepts relating to a techniqueDiGiovanna 1997a
Most common neuron transmitter Martini 2009
Endocrine: at the level of the 12th rib what gland is foundMartini 2009
Bifurcates at the level of L3Snell 2006
With regard to the 3 unities of SAT, the upper triangle is unityParsons 2006
Muscle contraction with a lengthening of the muscle via a force applied by a practitionerMyers 2002
‘When a painful stimulus is applied to a part of low sensibility in close central connection with a part of much greater sensibility, the pain produced is felt in the part of Parsons 2006
P wave representsMartini 2009
The rehydration of an intervertebral discMartini 2009
If a woman is not pregnant or not had any children the reproductive organs will be found in theSnell 2006
Sometimes a part of the stomach rises in to the thorax through the esophageal openingSnell 2006
The distal third of the transverse colon to the upper half of the anal canal are boundaries of the Snell 2006
The angle formed between the long axis of the vagina and the long axis of the uterus which is approximately 90Snell 2006
What type of nerve enters the posterior hornMartini 2009
Temperature receptors are otherwise known asMartini 2009
consists of free nerve endings that branch within the elastic tissues in the wall of a distensible organMartini 2009

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