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The quiz for those of us who cannot remember names. Fill in the missing word in the character's description. Attention, heavy spoilers for the TV series up to the end of season 7. Names are spelled wrong on purpose.

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Even the wolves have names! At least I remember that the one of John is an __A
Melissa, right? She gives ___ to a demon.B
I know. She's Denairise, or something, a kallissi. At least I know that she's the breaker of ___.C
Yes, that is the big guy carrying the boy. I don't know the spelling but he held the ___D
An ice vampire? That's the monster with the blue __.E
Cat must be short for Catherine, I guess. Sets the Kingslayer ___F
Harry? Says 'not today' to the ___ of death.G
James? Jamie? He's the one who lost his ___H
Looks like the other Northern boys in the first episode. Pays the __ price for Winterfell and then prompty loses it again.I
Does she even have a name? She is so __ of the new apprentice assassin from Westeros.J
She was with the dragon queen all the time until she died in the desert city. As she would say: It is ___K
Lothario? Is the ___ of the dragon queen until the story needs her available for her nephew.L
Lizzie is the sister of the wife of the winter is coming guy. And she was pushed through the ___ door.M
Red hair and perfect aim. Tells her lover that he knows ___N
Brian? At least, she now has a good sword called ___O
Sand, that's for sure. She's cool until she murders a girl with ___ lipstick.P
Maggie? Life goal: Being ___ . Not choosy about the husband going with it.Q
He's in charge of the secret service and thinks that he's the only one who serves the __R
Sirsey? She blew up the __ of Bailer.S
Another Melissa? She was the one that had to ___ the insults of the slave trader.T
Florence Nightingale from Atlantis? Even her ___ child was specially slaughtered.U
The righteous heir to the throne. Would even burn his own child for ___V
Ned is short for what? Benedict? He promised that __ would come and he kept his promise.W
The trader who wanted to marry the dragon queen and stole her dragons. What was his name? Saro? Caro? Jaro?X
First, he is just the ___ son of the king. Later, he is fought over by two queens.Y
Greg? Alive, undead or a ___?Z

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