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Ferengi Rules of _____
Planet near Deep Space 9
Common shape of Borg ship
Spaceship stationed at Deep Space 9
First Warp 5 ship
'We are the Borg. Resistance is ___.'
Color of Romulan blood
Place to spend free time on spaceship
9th Star Trek movie
Trill with Dax symbiont on DS9
No-win scenario used in Starfleet tests
Vulcan greeting
Enterprise NX-01 helmsman
Talaxian on Voyager
Species overprotected by the Caretaker
Starfleet's General Order #1
Ferengi who was married to a Klingon
Unlucky shirt color
Enterprise science officer
Small, soft, Klingon-hating creatures
Enterprise communications officer
First aliens to make contact with Earth
Klingon on Enterprise-D and DS9
Aliens cutting into the Americas
First security chief on Enterprise-D
First name of warp drive inventor

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