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Can you name the geographical features for each letter of the alphabet when given a short description?

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Asian capital of a European countryA
Atoll used for nuclear testingB
Most populated countryC
Sea below sea levelD
Oceanian countryF
Largest Asian desertG
Highest mountain rangeH
Country on equatorI
Caribbean countryJ
Largest landlocked countryK
OPEC countryL
Deepest trenchM
Waterfall with highest flow rateN
North American Great LakeO
City with most international tourists (2011)P
European border river ( > 1000 km)R
Country with official language GermanS
Largest lake in South AmericaT
Country ending in -stanU
Largest waterfall (area of falling water)V
Oceanian capitalW
Chinese city (among the 20 biggest ones)X
North American supervolcano siteY
European capitalZ

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