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1.1: Not a stick, may break my bone
1.2: Connect to others for your career
1.3: Mighty pirate
1.4: Contained theme
2.1: Inhabitant of Dalai Lama's country
2.2: Pastry
2.3: Sorority
2.4: Contained theme
3.1: Group closely together
3.2: Accepted, acceded
3.3: Peril
3.4: Contained theme
4.1: Happiness at someone else's misfortune
4.2: Capital of Albania
4.3: Aqualung; gear for diving
4.4: Contained theme
5.1: Unmarried man
5.2: Judgment
5.3: Journey
5.4: Contained theme
6.1: Cynical, apathetic
6.2: Transmit; breed; publicize
6.3: Room
6.4: Contained theme
7.1: Julia's lover
7.2: Pinnacle; culmination
7.3: Assiduous; careful
7.4: Contained theme
8.1: Boat
8.2: Not cold
8.3: Cot
8.4: Contained theme
9.1: Container for drinking
9.2: Halt
9.3: Foreigner; unknown person
9.4: Contained theme
10.1: Tooth disease
10.2: Treasurer; cashier
10.3: Book collection; Cluedo room
10.4: Contained theme

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