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An explosion caused by the sudden influx of air into an oxygen starved area filled with a mixture of combustible gases that are heated above their ignition temperature.
A rapid combustion reaction.
A rapid expansion of gases (fuel and oxygen) that have mixed prior to ignition.
A reaction that propagates at less than the speed of sound.
A chemical reaction causing the absorbtion of heat. New substances formed by the chemical reactions contain more heat energy than prior to the reaction.
A container failure in the form of an explosion caused by the weakening of the container shell from the heat from a fire, corrosion, or mechanical damage.
An endothermic chemical reaction causing self-ignition.
A substance containing oxygen that will chemically react with fuel to start and/or feed a fire.
A visual model that clarifies the fire triangle with the addition of chemical chain reaction.
A reaction that propagates at the speed of sound (1,088 feet per second in air) producing a shock wave.
A chemical reaction between an oxidizer and a fuel.
Materials that burn.
A model used to help in the understanding of the three major elements for ignition: heat fuel and oxygen. It visually depicts the ignition sequence.
A physical explosion.
A rapid oxidation reaction that can produce fire.
A decomposition reaction in a solid material, not fast enough to be self-sustaining, usually brought on by the introduction of heat. It is the precursor to combustion.
A chemical reaction that generates heat. New substances formed have less heat energy than was in the reacting materials.

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