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Forced Order
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it's a sweet trip to a candy shop...bright eyes
if some thing may upset you...stowaway
like shoes and stockings...little miss broadway
gosh oh gee but i have fun swallowing animals one by one...curly top
im cupids assistant please listen to me...poor little rich girl
sometimes i ought to hate you...poor little rich girl
heres a little tune that always helps you when your blue... young people
we like lollipops and we like fudge...poor little rich girl
such nice little shoes dont you think they look good...heidi
queen of them all with a smile for a crown...little miss broadway
come along and follow me to the bottom of the sea...captain january
look for me when its stormy...just around the corner
oh the days are gone...the little colonel
im presenting you right now...stand up and cheer
you could supply the world with vitamin d...curly top
on which you dont pay any income tax...rebecca of sunnybrook farm
your mommy is kneeling beside you...stowaway
make my mommy's life a song...stowaway
never liked a copycat or the things they take a bow
jack and jill went up the hill and for all i know theyre up there still...just around the corner
she wore a bonnet with blue ribbons on it...dimples
say youll never guess so i will tell you what i overheard while passing by...dimples
look at the funny side...little miss marker
have you heard...rebecca of sunnybrook farm
oh i eat watermelon and i have for years...the littlest rebel
whistle in the morning send the worm a warning...captain january
if i had one wish to make...rebecca of sunnybrook farm
hop a bus take a car...young people
i first i was a fraidycat but now i know its growing pains...curly top
an ordinary day becomes a holiday...poor little rich girl
with a lay de...the bluebird
wait your turn bide your time...the bluebird
my dear radio audience now i shall do some of the songs ive had the pleasure of introducing to you...rebecca of sunnybrook farm
if you wanna come out tonight...dimples
wot cher! all the neighbors cried...the little princess

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