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Can you name the characters in A Chorus Line?

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Forced Order
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Well I didn't want them like yours. I wanted mine in proportion.
I do remember practicing kissing with Leslie. She was my best girlfriend.
It was the only time church ever helped me out.
And my mother kept saying 'If you don't stop setting your brother on fire, we're going to have to send you away'.
Can I sit on your lap?
For her, this is together.
That's not a decision, that's a disease!
And they said to me 'You're too short to be a boy, would you like to be a pony?'
So I'm gonna be this kindergarten teacher.
And they told me: 'No dice. You'd get lost on the football field!'
Is this what you want?
I'm from Boston and here I am!
You take after your father's side of the family. The ugly side.
You want to know the color of my eyes, how many shows I've done?
There was a terrific salesman that came to our house, selling...selling...
So...who we gonna hire?
Because that's what Italian grandmothers do, lean out windows.
I never knew what they were for or against really. Except each other.
I could make $60 an hour working the strip joints outside New York City.

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