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Forced Order
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A Term For Smiling Widely, Typically In Situations That Don't Call For It?
Fram's XBox Live Gamer Tag?
What Time Is It?..... What Time Is It?
Name One Flag Hanging In The House
Most Frequent And Unwanted House Visitor?
On Whose Futon Did Sarge Ejaculate?
Eric's Drink of Choice?
Most Misty In The House?
Name One Movie Poster Hanging In The House
What Did Eric Leave Out All Night That Caused Him To See The Home Intruder?
Whose Selfy Was Hanging In The Main Room?
Name Of The Sandwich Most Often Purchased From Copps?
Fram's Drink of Choice?
Sarge's Song of The Year?
Fram Consistently Left This Fruit Peel Inside Cups
What AUX Button On The Remote Changed It To The Appropriate Settings To Watch Cable?
Name Of The Only Community Upstairs Room?
Foursquare Name Before It Was Dubbed, 'The Nation'?
Only Guy In The House To Know How To Fix An Issue Code?
Another Name For A Power Hour?
House Pizza Whor.e?
Only Person In the House Who Is UnCirque Du Soleil (Uncircumcised)?
Who Munched The Most Box In The House?
Mags Had An Obsession With What Condiment?
Greatest House TV Show?

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