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Nickname for Chris Granozio Most Often Used by JacobMovie Starring Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott Trying to Find Their Missing Vehicle
The Viper's First and Middle NamesActor with Famous Roles in Catch Me If You Can, Deer Hunter, Wedding Crashers and Pulp Fiction
YAC Coach with Career .118 Win Pct/Baer's DadBritish Adventurer in Man vs. Wild
Phrase Used for a Car Operating with No GasMy Nickname Involving a Locomotive
Danny Zuko's First and Middle NamesAcademy Award Winning Actor with Roles in Capote, Along Came Polly and Doubt
One of Baer's Most Recent and Hilarious NicknamesOne Who Lived Through the Mass Genocide Led by Adolf Hitler
The RaarGrammy-Nominated Canadian Alt Rock Band with Hits 'Pinch Me' and 'One Week'
Famous Phrase or Question from Shakespeare's HamletMember of the Group Noted for Addictive Gambling and Perpetual Shtick
Member of the Group Noted for Multiple Injuries and Ill-placed Birthmarks on his Penis's First and Middle NamesBrad Pitt's Role in Fight Club
Baer's First and Middle NamesMember of the Group Noted for Multiple Injuries and Ill-placed Birthmarks on his Penis
Member of the Group Noted for Ruthlessly Making Fun of Rachel Brandt's Roast Beefy VaginaMember of the Group Noted for Once Winning a Bet With Jacob about Whether or Not He Had a Potato in his Pocket
Apologetic Remark Directed at Group Member Cohen/Board Game Distributed by Parker BrothersMember of the Group Noted for Exceptional Abilities on the Slopes and Pounding Box
Hotdog Eaten at a Baseball StadiumMember of the Group Noted for Having up to 18 Loads in his Pants at One Time
Member of the Group Noted for Being the Closest Heir to the ChamberPrime Minister of the UK from 1951-1955
My First and Middle NamesGreatest Head Coach in all of College Football
Raar's Last Name with Sound Effect AfterwardsUncooked Pork/Beef/Chicken etc.
The Rab's First and Last NamesHatchery for a Marine Bivalve Mollusc of the Family Pectinidae
Name for Someone who Watches an Unknowing Person Undress or Engage in Sexual Acts/A VoyeurBrazz's Fathers Name
The Viper's First and Middle NamesCre Dude How You Do Why You Do
Slang Phrase for Opening and Drinking a Bottle of CristalCre Dude How You Do Why You Do
A Circular Tray Placed on Top of a Table to Aid in Moving Food on a Large Table or Counter TopLarge Father's Mother's Name
Member of the Group Noted for Exceptional Abilities on the Slopes and Pounding BoxDirector Siblings with First Names Joel and Ethan
One of Jacob's Nicknames for me Most Likely Created Based on my Hair Color/Viking Explorer Who Founded the First Nordic Settlement in GreenlandFormer Basketball Coach of the Washington Capitols, Tri-Cities Blackhawks and Boston Celtics with 938 Career Victories
Newmans Nickname Synonymous with Large FatherWealthy Fictional Character from the Play 'Annie' who Eventually Adopts Annie

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