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QUIZ: Can you name the songs by Rihanna?

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LyricsSongArtist (S)
So I forget about the world Rihanna
Thought that he was the one for me, other boys I couldn't seeRihanna ft
I could've been a princess, you be a king, could've had a castle, worn a ringRihanna ft Coldplay
Cheers to the freaking weekendRihanna
I didn't mean to end a flightRihanna
Giddy Up, Giddy Up, Giddy Up, ehRihanna
See the way I'm really living if you want toT.I ft Rihanna
Eenie Meenie Minie Moh, Catch a Player by their toeRihanna ft Nicki Minaj
Feel the andrenaline moving under my skinDavid Guetta ft Rihanna
You know how to give me that, you know how to pull me backRihanna
LyricsSongArtist (S)
We're in the city of wonderRihanna
Hey Boy, I really wanna see your view, cuz you're just my typeRihanna ft Drake
I've been everywhere, man, i'm looking for someoneRihanna
That's when I saw it in her eyes, it's over, then she said...Rihanna
You're so good being bad, there's no way I'm turning backRihanna
Yellow diamonds in the lightRihanna ft Calvin Harris
We'll never come inbetween, you're part of my entityRihanna ft Jay-Z
Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, that's alright cuz I like the way it hurtsEminem ft. Rihanna
It's getting late, I'm making my way over to my favorite placeRihanna

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