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Can you name the Nicki Minaj songs that were released in 2012-2014?

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Forced Order
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Drop it to the floor, make that d**k shake
I just got 250 thousand dollars for a verse, n***a
How I'mma come on it? I just come on it
Pink is the colour, can't wait to unveil The Pinkprint cover
Shoutout to that cellulite, got a real bad bitch that'll sell you white
I lost my little cousin to a senseless act of violence
Shots fire, anything you hear Nicki on, that's fire
Ayo Cam, I'm the baddest b***h
I wanna give you one last option, I wanna give you one last chance
Look sucka, this my gun butter, street fighter b****es, this the up cutter
Squeeze my body, rock my body, boy you make me go nananananananananana, me go
Got a bow on my panties because my a** is a present
Million dollar p***y, million dollar p***yyyy
I got them Now & Laters and Jolly Ranchers too
Feel the beat of the drum, move like you really wanna be number one
Ayo CeCe, lemme show you how to do a singing b***h greasy
He said he met this little girl by the name of Onika
See, I ain't worried 'bout a he
South Africa is where I come from, get me my banjo, get me my drum
Really, I get money, I get money like b***h
Spirit of Marilyn calling me, audibly
It's me yo, the CEO, dame beso, yo necesito
I wanna be where the commas'll be, but I need a hood n***a with a llama degree
I came out looking to party and now I'm owning that building
I think I gave him a discreet name, he replied with a street name
Y'all don't want me to rep y'all, y'all don't hear it when I rep y'all, 'cause y'all be d**k riding everybody else
Punchline queen, no boxer though
Oh oh oh, come fill my glass up a little more
I employ these n***as, they be grown men but I little boy these n***as
But f*ck you though, orgasmic
Boy toy named Troy used to live in Detroit
Reputation for bussing, p***y open, it's nothing
You should've left the other day, you let me beg for you to stay
Shawty, what's yo' name? Is you tricking? Is you paying?
He said he came from Jamaica, he owned a couple acres
Yes I do the cooking, yes I do the cleaning
Wales, London, Ireland, Scotland I get idolled in
He don't know me but he setting up to blow me
Ayo pass that crown to the real queen
God's son, I can see they study Makaveli
I'm Roman, I'm a barbarian, I'm Conan
I guess I went commercial, just shot a commercial
I got all these dope dealers serving, cut the work up, they surgeons
Rahmeek, I'mma have to tell the truth if I speak
He in love with a ghetto girl, he said he want a piece like Metta World
Dutty gyal, when yuh see me, eh wuh you fi do, bow down
That's why I'm throwing shade like it's sunny
It's that bottle service all night, it's that popping urban just right
Tonight I'm getting over, meditate and do my yoga
A** fat, yeah I know, you just got cash? Blow sum mo
Here we go again, it's the game we love
Everytime I come out, I ain't never with no new bitches
The people are talking, the people are saying that you have been playing my heart, like a..
Ride for him, 'cause he say I ride real good
2 Chainz, you f***ing crazy, muhf***ers know I'm f***ing crazy
Let's go to the beach, each, let's go get a wave
This one is for TT, Tweety, Viola, Sharika, Candice, Timby, Lauren, Iesha
Tonight is the night that I'mma get twisted, Myx Moscato and Vodka, I'mma mix it
You done? You tight? You suck at life?
Spur of the moment, I ball like Ginobli, you bitches get D'ed up on
Man, I been, did that, man I been popped off
August you know I'm here to save you
You a lucky n***a if my mean a** like you
How would you've learned if I ain't leave?
Ask Jay who he married, 80 thousand in Paris
Did I endorse Young Mitt? I am young Nic
When I land, I hit the splits, puffing on that trippy stick
Ain't yelling cut when it's shooting time, sign up it's recruiting time
Could never thank me for opening doors, but they ain't even thank Jesus when he died on the cross
You could never make eye contact, everything you got was based off of my contacts
Anyway lil n***a, don't test the kid
Ayo Mavado, tell 'em lick a shot, hollow
Hell no, you can't use my lip gloss
Let that ho ho, let that ho know : he in love with that coco
I never f*cked Wayne, I never f*cked Drake
Looking Trinidadian, Japanese and Indian
Sky dweller check, helicopter pad, dropping off a body bag
It's Myx Moscato, it's frizz in the bottle, it's Nicki full throttle, It's oh oh
I got my welfare check, smoking on that crack
Tell your man play the back like a spine, he only last 6 seconds like a Vine
Sometimes I tell 'em I love 'em 'cause I just wanna f**k 'em
I used to think that we'd run away, one lovely, pretty Summer Day
Me, I'm just me, me, I'm just real, me, I'm that bitch that be footin' the bill
B****es ain't serious, man these b****es delirious
You ain't gotta leave, but you can't sleep with me
Look at y'all smoking a** n***as, after every pull, n***as start choking a** n***as
Zipping, I'm zipping, I'm zipping, soon as they come out, I'm dipping
I like percocets, I like to keep them hidden in my Birkin Bag
Woah woah woah, shoutout to them bitches tryna be me
Mi man, mi say, nuff gyal a road a chase you lately
I still love, I still love, I still love, I still love, I still lo-o-ove
I told CeCe I was getting her, I told her b****es can't see her, no retina
The other day mi go ah downtown fi shop
These b****es study my style on the Come Up DVD
I ain't see you on the Forbes yet, swear to God I ain't see you in them stores yet
I can be selfish, yes, so impatient, sometimes I feel like..
Thinking out loud, I must have about a milli on me right now
I'm the shiznayee, you should follow my example, b***h, IE
Beat 'em like they stole something, beat 'em like they stole something
What's your name, B.O.B? So they calling you Bob?
I can't eat, I-I-I-I, I can't sleep, I-I-I, what I need, I-I-I, is you...
Me, Nicki M, I got too many wins
In time, inclines, b****es couldn't get on my incline
Oh you mad, h**? You ain't headline? You my son b***h, and it's bedtime

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