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First Used BySpellEffect
Harry PotterSummons Objects
Harry PotterProduces a jet of water
Gilderoy LockhartShoots object into the air
Hermione GrangerUnlocks doors
Horace SlughornClears the target airway (if blocked)
Hermione GrangerMakes invisible ink appear
Tom RiddleKills acromantulas
Albus DumbledoreUsed to slow down falling objects
Harry PotterLifts the caster high in the air
Tom Riddle (Voldemort)Kills opponent
Hermione GrangerConjures a flock of birds
Filius FlitwickCreates baubles
Hermione GrangerCreates a small explosion
Dolores UmbridgeCreates a big explosion
Gilderoy LockhartHeals broken bones, if done correctly
Bellatrix LestrangeProduces a whip attached to the wand
Hermione GrangerWarns of approaching enemies
Tom RiddleOpens a chest
Hermione GrangerLocks doors
Hermione GrangerCauses target to explode into flames
Hermione GrangerConfuses target
Alastor MoodyTortures opponent
Hermione GrangerThis spell causes deep gouges to appear in the object targeted by the spell.
Amos DiggoryAn erasure spell
Draco MalfoyMakes opponents teeth grow rapidly
Sirius BlackPushes objects backwards
Vincent CrabbeCauses any targeted object to move downwards
Hermione GrangerPlaces immense downward pressure upon its target
Harry PotterTears objects in a certain area
Nigel WolpurtForces objects to shrink
Harry PotterCauses the statue of the humpbacked witch to open
Hermione GrangerTurns objects to stone
Harry PotterCauses target to explode into bubbles
Alastor MoodyCauses object to swell in size
Luna LovegoodHeals minor injuries
Hermione GrangerUsed to erect a structure
Lee JordanThe vanishing spell
Draco MalfoyThrows opponent backwards
Remus LupinProtects caster against Dementors and Lethifolds
Severus SnapeDisarms opponent
Cho ChangCauses targets clothes to spontaneously combust
First Used BySpellEffect
Antonin DolohovCauses a large explosion
Minerva McGonagallTurns animals into water goblets
Remus LupinCreates a bandage and a splint
Molly WeasleyTurns magical shields into physical shields to prevent anything passing through it
Molly WeasleyThis complex charm enables secret information to be hidden within the soul of the recipient
Gregory GoyleConjures cursed fire
Hermione GrangerNegates spells
Harry PotterCauses target to be covered in boils
Regulus BlackDuplicates object
Hermione GrangerCauses stairs to turn into a ramp
Draco MalfoyCauses the object/person in a vanishing cabinet to pass in its twin/other vanishing cabinet
Harry PotterMakes yellow flowers sprout out of the victims head
Hermione GrangerReveals human presence in the vicinity of the caster
Hermione GrangerRenders target immobile
James PotterThe impediment jinx
Alastor MoodyMakes the caster totally have control the victim
Ron WeasleyMakes objects repel off substances
Dolores UmbridgeTies someone or something up with ropes
Bellatrix LestrangeProduces fire
Hermione GrangerSends a ball of fire from wand
Harry PotterGlues targets tongue to the roof of their mouth
Hermione GrangerTurns objects into rabbits
Severus SnapeAllows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim
Luna LovegoodThe victim is dangled upside-down by their ankles
Harry PotterCounter-Spell to Levicorpus
Draco MalfoyLocks the legs together
Harry PotterCreates a bright light that shines on the tip of wand
Hermione GrangerCreates a ray of light as bright as the sun
Harry PotterShoots a ball of light at the place pointed
Alastor MoodyCauses weather effects to cease
Hermione GrangerLevitates and moves an object
Sirius BlackLevitates and moves bodies
Barty Crouch Jr.Conjures the dark mark
Hermione GrangerThis spell fills peoples' ears with an unidentifiable buzzing
Harry PotterCounter-Spell to lumos
Gilderoy LockhartWipes targets memory
Hermione GrangerCauses a blindfold to appear over the victim's eyes
Hermione GrangerCauses animals or beings of lesser intelligence to attack.
Hermione GrangerMakes a bouquet of flowers appear out of the caster's wand
Remus LupinPacks luggage
Albus DumbledoreCreates a temporary gap through protective magical barriers.
First Used BySpellEffect
Harry PotterCauses red sparks to shoot out of the casters wand
Gilderoy LockhartThe one time it was used, it had absolutely no effect
Hermione GrangerUsed to temporarily bind the victim's body
Minerva McGonagallSpell used to animate statues and suits of armour
Harry PotterCauses the caster's wand to act as a compass
Albus DumbledoreTurns an object into a port-key
Amos DiggoryCauses the echo of the last spell cast by a wand to emanate from it
Harry PotterThe shield charm
Filius FlitwickA powerful shield charm against dark magic
Horace SlughornA shield charm that is so powerful that it disintegrates anything that comes to close
Hermione GrangerCasts a shield charm over a small area
Ludo BagmanCounter-Spell to Sonorus
Harry PotterCounter-Spell to Engorgio
Ginny WeasleyBreaks objects
Hermione GrangerA spell used to make the subject release what ever it is holding or binding
Harry PotterCounter-Spell to Stupefy
Hermione GrangerFixes broken objects
Hermione GrangerRepels muggles
Horace SlughornDisintegrates the people entering this charm
Harry PotterTickles opponent
Neville LongbottomHumiliates a boggart
Hermione GrangerDeflects hexes
Nymphadora TonksCleans something
Harry PotterCreates large, blood-oozing gashes on opponent
Draco MalfoyConjures a snake
Hermione GrangerMakes something silent
Harry PotterCleans up ectoplasm
Ron WeasleyMakes opponent vomit slugs for a short period of time
Cornelius FudgeMagnifies the spell caster's voice
Ernie MacmillanCauses an object to show its hidden secrets
Harry PotterCreates an invisible cushioned area
Barty Crouch Sr.Stuns victim
Draco MalfoyMakes victims legs dance uncontrollably
Hermione GrangerA spell used to siphon matter from a surface
Harry PotterShoots green sparks at the end of wand
Severus SnapeCounter-Spell to Serpensortia
Severus SnapeCauses wounds and gashes to heal up and any blood to return to the victim.
Remus LupinLaunches small objects through the air
Hermione GrangerLevitates objects

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