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Can you name the Harry Potter A-Z characters/places/things?

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A: A giant spider
B: Firebolt, Nimbus 2000...
C: Hermione's cat
D: House elf
E: The Weasley's owl
F: The guard to the Gryffindor common room
G:Where Harry was born
H: Harry's pet owl
I: A spell that jets fire from the end of a wand
J: The author of the Harry Potter series
K: The train station where witches and wizards catch the Hogwarts Express
L: A spell that lights up the tip of a wand
M: A non-magic person
N: Voldemort's dreaded snake
O: The most popular store to buy wands
P: The spell that Hermione uses to petrify Neville in the Philosopher's Stone
Q: The 'two-faced' professor
R: The werewolf that was good friends with James, Sirius, and Peter
S: Professor _____ Snape
T: Neville's toad
U: The cruel professor sent from the Ministry in order of the Phoenix
V: Draco exits and enters Borgin&Burkes through a ________ cabinet
W: The joke shop that Fred and George run
X: Luna Lovegood's dad
Y: The amazing ball held at every tri-wizard tournament
Z: The place where Harry 'accidentaly' let a python out of its terrarium

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