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Can you name the television shows by their simple plot descriptions?

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television shows
Boy wants to change the club his Dad tried to before he died. Boy's stepfather wants the group to stay the same. Boy gets advice from his Dad's journal and the violence gets worse.
Girl arrives at new school. Girl comes across many monsters. Girl realizes she has super strength to kill these monsters. Girl gets help from an old man and some geeky classmates.
Man has an urge he cannot control. Man's father teaches him to use his addiction for good. Man works with his sister in the one place his urge can get him caught.
Boy sleeps with best friend. Boy falls for new girl. Boy realizes he always loved his best friend all while using big words.
Guy and friends move to LA. Guy's brother can't seem to make it big but guy does. Guy can't manage his life so he hires his best friend to.
Man loves being the boss. Man's employees think he's idiot. Man waste lots of company time on trying to make his employees like him.
Boy is a star athlete. Boy's brother likes to read a lot and can't take his eyes off his brother's girlfriend. Boy and his brother end up on the same sports team.
television shows
Woman can't focus with all the things going on in her head. Woman's family deals with all her meltdowns differently. Woman can't figure out why these mental characters exist.
Man can't stop bothering his kids about stories from the days before he was married. Man was obsessed with finding a wife. Man loved drinking with friends at the local bar.
Man buys things to make a living. Man's son and friend are always buying the wrong things. Man's father runs the show but falls asleep alot.
Woman wakes up with a gorgeous stranger on her first day of work. Woman befriends a man in love with her, a sarcastic woman and a blonde optimist. Gorgeous stranger is her boss.
Man constantly flashes back to antics he has done in the past. Man's best friend is superior but a lesser species. Man's kids can be defined as ugly, fat and diabolical.
Woman works in tv but is definitely not a star. Woman and her boss are unique friends. Woman's co-workers consist of a man with many hats and an actor who rarely makes sense.

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