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I portrayed a gay model on t.v. in 1998. I am known for my action-packed starring roles. I won an academy award for acting crazy.
My father was a famous anchorman. My aunt was a popular singer in the 50s. I appeared in the 'Facts of Life'.
I was born a conjoined twin. I am of cuban descent. I was in all 3 'Ocean's' movies
I am a huge Elvis fan. I am the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola. I won an academy award for playing a suicidal alcoholic.
I was born in Australia. I played a character who was obsessed with getting married. I won a golden globe for my starring role in a t.v. series on a premium channel.
I was raised believing my mother was my sister. I have played an angel, a joker and the devil. I won my first academy award for playing a character who pretended to be crazy.
I am a direct descendant of Abraham Lincoln. I starred in a popular t.v. series in the 80s. I am the first actor to win consecutive academy awards for best actor in the past 50 yrs
I won Mr. Universe in the 1960s. I served in the Royal Navy and was knighted.. I played the title character in a popular action movie series.
movie stars
I have a degree in architecture. I have worked on the t.v. show Dallas. I was nominated for a academy award for a character who is raised by an african american housekeeper.
I have two children with an 'Entourage' star. I played a son who takes over the family business for his aging father. I won an academy award 20 yrs after my first nomination.
I am the godmother of Courtney Love's daughter. I was in rehab by the age of 13. I won my first golden globe in 2010 for portraying the cousin of a first lady.
I was engaged to John Cazale during the time of his death. I played a character who had to make a tough 'choice'. I have been nominated for more academy awards than any other actor
I met my wife on my hit t.v. series. I won a grammy for a category that was the first of its kind. I was the first hip-hop artist to be nominated for an academy award.
I am married to a successful t.v. writer. I starred in a sequel to a highly popular musical. I played a comic book villain.
I was married to the director of American Beauty. I played a character who's memory was erased. I won 2 gloden globes for 2 different roles in the same year.

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