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DefinitionWord or PhraseExample or Clue
Means 'fellow' or 'person' but also ends statements. Ubiquitous.I'se the ___ that builds the boat
Common term for any female. Starts with 'm.'You don't have to be a domestic servant to be called this.
An untrustworthy or sly person.Starts with 's.' Irish etymology.
A lazy good-for-nothing. Starts with 'a' or 'h.'False etymology: someone reluctant to go out fishing
An untidy person; often a woman. Starts with 's.' Can be made into an adjective by adding 'ish.'
Infected-looking; red, raised skin. Starts with 'a'That cut's infected, It looks ____.
To violently scratch or claw. Starts with 's.' 'That cat gave me a wicked ____!'
To rough-house playfully. Starts with 'r.'We were ____ing and knocked over the lamp.
Common Standard English word used here to denote the past-tenseIt goes between subject and verb. 'I'm ____ doing something.'
If something is done with mischevious or evil intent, it is done 'for ___'I hid his wallet for _____.
A prized yellow berry called cloudberry elsewhereThis delicacy is often sold at roadside stands.
A tart red berry called lingonberry elsewhereNan likes _____ jam best.
Warm, misty or foggy weather with little windStarts with 'm.'
Evergreen boughs that have died and turned red____ ____ are best for starting fires. Starts with 'b.'
A festive gathering, concert, or partyThere's a ____ at the Star Hall tonight!
A traditional Newfoundland dinner. Two words.On Sunday we always has ___ ____.
A mongrel dog. Starts with 'c.'Watch out for the saucy ____ that lives down the road.
DefinitionWord or PhraseExample or Clue
In an angry mood. Can mean 'dishonest' in Standard English.When it's too hot out, I gets ______.
Fed-up or furious at a specific person or situation. Starts with 'p.'People might dial 911 if they misunderstand you.
Sparks that fly into the air from a chimney or open fire.Mind the ____ on your new sweater!
Bumblebee. Also a famous JK Rowling character.Not in common use but too delightful to leave out.
Dandelion. Starts with 'p.'You'd change your bedsheets if you really did this.
To poke, scratch, or dig purposefully. Starts with 'f.'It sounds kind of dirty.
The common name for St John's, the capitol and largest city.I've got a doctor's appointment in ____.
A person from St John's; derived from previous answer.He's just a stuck-up ____.
The common name for the rural parts of the island.I went around ___ ___ last weekend.
The area of shore between high-tide and low-tide.I walked out on the ____ at low tide.
An old name for a permanent resident or settler.The etymology is obvious enough. Begins with 'l.'
A name for the USA. Starts with 'b.'References a specific American city.
Christmas tradition involving costumes, song, and danceAny _____ 'lowed in?
If you'll do something right away, you'll do it . . .Also a popular folk/trad band in St John's.
Second person plural; functions like 'y'all'Sounds quite old-fashioned, really.
An illegitimate child is . . .This word sounds rather happy
. . . and just for fun, can you name the colours of the Republic of NFLD's flag?it should be fairly obvious, don't you think?

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