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Elected president in The Election of 1824, winning by the popular and electoral vote.First and last name.
This Chief Justice influenced Federalists decisions during his 34 years on the bench(Court).First and last name.
Began as a nationalist and then became a 'fire-eating' secessionist years later.Known as 'Cast Iron Man'Last name.
Challenged states rights and nullification in the Senate, federalism and Nationalism were his two favorite topics.First and last name.
Ran for president unsuccessfully three times, 1824,1832, and 1844.First and Last name.
This is what Andrew Jackson called this group of people, considered 'good ole boys' they were seen as outside of the normal cabinet.Two words.
Another way that the Bank of the U.S was called by the people.Two words.
The election of 1832 was fought between these two candidates.Last names- Ex. name,name
This act led to the so-called 'Trail of Tears' for those who were forced to be removed to Indian Territory.Three words.
Name of Wars that natives were in to fight back against the removal act.Ex. Name of war and Name of war , word 'war' included in both
Party formed in 1832 by Henry Clay and others who opposed the growing power of the presidency of Jackson.Two words.
Elected president in 1836, defeating Whigs like Gen.Wm.H. Harrison of Tippecanoe fame.First and last name.
This person wrote 'Self-Reliance' and his belief was that the frontier defined America.First and last name.
This led to urban growth and problems like poverty,slums, diseases and overpopulation. By Irish and Germans.One word.
This person created the cotton engine, was a tutor in Georgia. First and last name.
Workers in Textiles and other factories in the North vs. 'bond slaves' in the south.Two words.
This person dressed as a women, and was known as 'Father of the Am. Ind. Revolution'First and last name.
Name of this, created in 1837, hurt labor organizations and led to lack of demand for labors and the workers.3 words and 1 number.
Term used to express how the U.S was becoming the most pluralistic and diverse nation on Earth.5 words.
This was the term used for people who viewed the Americans as threats to jobs,politics and as 'alien riff-raff'1 word.

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