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Who argues that women are socialised into behaving like 'ladies'?
Who coined the terms report and rapport talk?
Do males use report or rapport?
Who said 'neither characteristics are all women nor limited to only women'
In Zimmerman and West's dominance theory, men are more likely to...?
'All dialects are equally complex, structured and valid linguistic systems'
What year did Rosewarne coin the term EE?
Who speaks Advanced RP as a social accent?
How long did John Wells says EE has been spoken?
What phoneme did Labov look at in the New York Department in 1972?
What theory is it when mass audiences are addressed through inclusive language?
Which Fairclough theory relates to field specific lexis/jargon?
Which Bernstein code is spoken by working class with short and simple sentences?
what a the different types of cohesion?
what is the ' i have a dream' speech an example of?
What is referential speech?
What is expressive speech?
What is transactional speech?
What is interactional speech?
What is phatic speech?
Who is a prescriptivist?
Who did the capital punishment experiment?
What theorist and theory said 'What counts as correct is a matter of social convention, relative to time and place?'
Which speech feature is used as the example in Freeborns ugliness theory?

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